Welcome to my garden

Hello. I am a Leeds writer, gardener, dancer and teacher. So many things to say. But all that will have to come later. This is just my First Post – and is by way of a cheery initial greeting…My blog space will be about various tiny adventures in my garden and much bigger adventures from the inside of my head! There’ll be some dance and theatre colour, too, as I work down at West Yorkshire Playhouse, and there is always some arty venture bubbling away in that gorgeous place. I have posted a picture of the buddha at the bottom of my garden, as a guiding spirit to the venture ahead. Peaceful. Steady. Ever watchful. He keeps a good eye on me and on the world around him. If you want an initial clue to my writing, look out for ‘A Handful of Earth’, published in 2007, and ‘Old Dog’, published in 2013 (Simon and Schuster). I write about things that I have a passion for – the first book was about my garden and allotment; the second about my beloved dog and soul companion, Muffin!  More later. Happy Spring!


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I am a writer and dance/movement practitioner in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I teach at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and when I am not there I am either writing freelance books and articles, or digging in my garden, or learning fiendishly hard Hungarian grammar. Hungary is my favourite place, after Yorkshire!

13 thoughts on “Welcome to my garden”

    1. Thankyou Chris. Oh the world is looking wonderful, isn’t it? I sat in a chair in the early morning with my tea, stupefied by the sun, and admiring all the acid greens, sticky buds and lush leaves sprouting up in my back garden. It’s been slow coming, this spring, but my, it’s worth it, now it’s here!


  1. Interesting about the B12 as it does (I think) run in families & I remember my mum saying that there was someone in the family that had it – but can’t remember who.


    1. Ah, well that IS interesting. It’s a very nasty thing, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised if my mum was B12 deficient. Despite her ferocious energy, she did used to keel over on a regular basis.


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