Riot in the garden

Happiness is… Forgetting to tend the garden, and letting it, well, bloom. Peony profusion, and so much else. Happy May Bank Holiday. Which I shall spend, variously, reading, drinking white wine, staring at flowers – and then, off into space. Join me, in the quest for a more peaceful and indolent world.

My book A Handful of Earth (John Murray) explores this notion more thoroughly. How the garden heals us…


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I am a writer and dance/movement practitioner in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I teach at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and when I am not there I am either writing freelance books and articles, or digging in my garden, or learning fiendishly hard Hungarian grammar. Hungary is my favourite place, after Yorkshire!

4 thoughts on “Riot in the garden”

  1. The fritillaries were a wonder this year. Just two of them, but what a pair! Like two shy lovers, nestling in the undergrowth… They were Kathleen’s absolute favourites, another reason to find them special.


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