Brightness gathering

Red poppy in a garden

Undiluted joy


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I am a writer and dance/movement practitioner in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I teach at the West Yorkshire Playhouse and when I am not there I am either writing freelance books and articles, or digging in my garden, or learning fiendishly hard Hungarian grammar. Hungary is my favourite place, after Yorkshire!

5 thoughts on “Haiku”

  1. Hi Barney

    Hope you’re keeping well. Firstly I would like to thank you for the delightful (and classy) blogs. I ‘joined up’ a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed all your various regular offerings. Keep up the good work!

    Secondly, I wonder if you could do me a favour. I have a friend who I think is quite an accomplished poet, and he often sends me his work. I do my best to provide a crit for him, but I’m aware that my efforts are a bit amateurish. I asked him if he would like you to see his work remembering all the brilliant feedback that you have given me at Heydays, and he would like you to check it out. He did attend Heydays once, but I’m not sure if you were the tutor at the time. I know that this is a bit of an imposition Barney, But I’m sure he would really appreciate your comments.

    Best wishes,


    geoffrey.rowland@ ntlworld.com


    1. Hello Geoff Thanks for your kind comments. I am always a little reluctant to critique the work of someone I don’t know… Also, at the moment, I am very snowed under. However, since it’s you… If this man would like to send me three of his poems at the end of July, I’ll have a little look at them. But only three! Has he been in touch with Writers’ Circle? I believe they have a strong poetry contingent. Gail Mosley at Heydays might be able to advise on that.


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