Classes with Barney


*** Please note that ALL upcoming classes and workshops with me have been cancelled from Monday 16 March 2020, for the foreseeable future, due to the Corona Virus crisis. However, I have an email list and will be sending T’ai Chi videos/information regularly to my clients. Do be in touch if you would like to be included.***

I have special links to video/audio resources that I am compiling, to help us through quarantine. They reflect the style of T’ai Chi and Chi Kung that I teach in my classes. See list and links below. I can only do separate video and audio recordings for the T’ai Chi Yang Style Long Form, due to space constraints at home. So if you want to move along with me, take a look at the video first, then use the audio recording to try it out!

(For resources specific to Reiki, please go to my Reiki page)

If you would like further information about the resources, please be in touch via email.  You can also view everything on my Facebook page, here

  1. Video: Chi Kung 5 basic movements, plus standing breath work. 10 minutes.
  2. Audio: Taoist Breath Meditation. 10 minutes. (Available on my Facebook page)
  3. Video: T’ai Chi, Part One, Sequences 1 and 2.
  4. Audio: T’ai Chi, Part  One, Sequences 1 and 2
  5. Video:  Spring Chi Kung A selection of exercises to strengthen lungs, kidneys and liver. 25 minutes.
  6. Audio: Breath and Bone T’ai Chi Meditation.10 minutes
  7. Video: T’ai Chi, Part Two, Sequences 3, 4, 5,
  8.  Audio: T’ai Chi Part  Two, Sequences, 3, 4.

Please note that the Audio for T’ai Chi Part 2 does not include Sequence 5 – the seven kicks.

1. T’ai Chi and Chi Kung Open Classes

with Barney Bardsley

@ Quaker Meeting House, 136, Street Lane, Leeds LS8

Classes run from Tuesday, 7 January, 2020, 6 – 7pm, £6.50.

These classes will resume at the same time, and on the same day, as soon as lockdown is lifted.

Enjoy a selection of gentle Chi Kung exercises – for flow, and ease of breath and movement; and T’ai Chi extracts – to stabilise and strengthen the body, and calm the mind. A useful introduction for those unfamiliar with the techniques – as well as ‘topping up’ the more experienced mover.

Open to all, pay on the day, but please book with me first as places are limited and the sessions are proving very popular. You can join the classes at any time.

07400 396231

2. Monthly T’ai Chi and Chi Kung/Movement Meditation Workshops

…. Future dates, venues and workshop themes to be confirmed…..


If you would like a gentle one-one T’ai Chi/Chi Kung/Reiki  session in my Reiki Room,  in Oakwood, Leeds, be in touch via email, text or phone. Take a look at my Reiki in Leeds page.

This is also available via Zoom, during lockdown.

For any further information:

07400 396231


T’ai Chi Testimonials

“For a while I was searching for T’ai Chi and Chi Kung workshops, then I discovered your sessions at the Buddhist Centre. What a treasure: each session is so informative and reveals new insights into the movement of the body. Always staying aware – and being present. Your grounding energy is palpable, and your patience and encouragement are much appreciated.” Melanie C.

“I really enjoyed the T’ai Chi short course – I found it all challenging and stimulating.” Debbie C.

“You create a wonderful atmosphere when you teach. Very many thanks for a nourishing afternoon.” Rosemary W.

T’ai Chi has helped me in so many ways – for balance, focus, concentration, confidence and physical awareness. It is very spiritual and powerful.” Sarah G.

T’ai Chi with you, Barney, was an amazing experience. I have taken T’ai Chi classes since but none have come near to that feeling we had of togetherness as a group. When guided by the right person, it is a phenomenal thing.” Clare M.

It was brilliant for calming me down and helped centre my energy.” Theresa C.

“T’ai Chi has helped me to be more conscious of good posture. In its gentle way, it has strengthened the muscles around the knee joints. In particular, the calming effect on the mind – shutting out extraneous thoughts – results in a wonderful feeling of relaxation. Even going through the movements in  one’s mind can help reduce tension. Sometimes, when I wake in the early hours, with problems buzzing in my head, I find thinking through the T’ai Chi Form relaxes the whole body, and is one way of getting back to sleep.” Lynda B.

What do these independent classes offer?

These movement workshops and classes are a unique blend of  T’ai Chi, Chi Kung, Alexander Technique principles and Reiki. For the past thirty years I have taught and practised a number of different movement techniques, following a rigorous dance training at the Laban Centre, London. (Have a look at my Dance Page for an autobiography)But the ones that have lasted, for me, are all to do with internal quiet; subtle attention to body and mind; and an awareness of the powerful healing tools of  quiet movement, combined with breath and touch.

Teachers who have had a profound influence on me are Grant Ragsdale, who teaches the Alexander Technique at the Swarthmore Centre in Leeds; and Andreas Demetriou, a T’ai Chi master who teaches at the Brixton Lido, South London.

My work pays particular attention to physical balance, fluidity, quietness and poise. It is an antidote to the frantic, gym-based external techniques so often taught in the West.

These sessions follow a more Eastern, contemplative pattern, with plenty of time for rest, meditation and repetition, to aid learning.

The guiding principle of “chi”,or energy cultivation, is at the root of all the teaching – accessing the channels, or meridians, of energy, which run throughout the body, internally, and on the surface. Acupuncture connects these channels through needles, whilst T’ai Chi and Chi Kung uses movement and breath to achieve the same release of vitality and calm.

Workshops are held at Leeds Buddhist Centre on a monthly basis, reflecting the natural world, and the particular energies within it.  All adults are welcome.

Particular Short Courses in T’ai Chi and T’ai Chi Intensive workshops run alternately with more general sessions. These are a little more technical, to reflect the intricacies of the T’ai Chi Form. All adults are welcome.

For updates and more information see my Facebook page here

Solo Sessions

I also offer one-one sessions in Reiki and T’ai Chi/Chi Kung by appointment in my Reiki Room in Oakwood, Leeds. Take a look at my approach to Reiki here

Again, contact me for bookings or queries:

07400 39 62 31

My work at Leeds Playhouse

A lot of my other teaching these days – whether with words or movement – has been at Leeds Playhouse in Leeds, where I am part of the Creative Engagement team. I often teach on the Heydays Over-55s Programme on Wednesdays, both as a writing and movement tutor; and am also involved in rich collaborations with fellow practitioners – theatre makers, musicians, artists – on the theatre’s extensive dementia-friendly programme. The theatre is a Theatre of Sanctuary for refugees and asylum seekers. I have been particularly privileged to work with people from that community too, building skills in voice, text and physical confidence.

If you are interested in the Playhouse work, have a look here.

Performance Ensemble

I am taking part – as performer/writer/movement teacher –   in director Alan Lyddiard’s brilliant five year performance project, 2018 – 2023. It’s called BUS PASS and you can read my blog about it here

And take a look at the company website here

Leeds Creative Contemporary Dance

I also occasionally work with Leeds Creative Contemporary Dance, who run imaginative dance and movement sessions for all age groups, using improvisation, words, music and visual art. A lot of their sessions take place at Dance Studio Leeds – but they burst out across the city too. You can read more about them here.