I am opening up my Reiki Room again from October 2021 for existing clients only, for hands-on treatments. Current prices for this are: £30 for one hour; £25 for 45 minutes; £20 for 30 minutes. I can still offer remote treatments, too: Distance Reiki, £10 for 20 minutes. And Zoom Reiki plus Meditation, £12 for a 30 minute session. To read about my particular approach, take a look below, or be in touch via email for more details.

Current opening hours: Tuesday 2 – 6pm; Thursday 2 – 6pm; plus evenings/Sat mornings by arrangement. See below for contact details.

Here is a link to a Reiki Self-Practise Audio Meditation, which you might like to try 

Lockdown Reiki with Barney

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Reiki Self Practice from Sitting with Barney


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Reiki Manifesto

warm touch of the hand

dark edges dissolve to light

feel the river flow

(Haiku by Barney Bardsley)

A  journey towards health

REIKI  has consistently drawn my attention – as it is the perfect companion to T’AI CHI, a technique I have taught and practised for over thirty years. But never more so than in the summer of 2017, when I had a catastrophic accident – falling on wet concrete and badly fracturing my shoulder. It was Reiki, administered by the mighty Sheffield Reiki master Jen Coldwell , that sustained me, body and mind, when no other physical therapy could get near the fog of pain and depression it caused. Through the months of healing, Reiki kept up a quiet background presence in my life, and when I was well, I knew I had to train/attune in the technique myself. The benefits of Reiki in Leeds, for myself and for the community around me, were clear and compelling.

In May 2018, I took Reiki I, and in September 2018, Reiki II. Since starting to work with other people, using this incredibly gentle, but undeniably powerful, hands-on therapy, I have felt its effects settle ever more deeply within me. There is a well of calm here – simple to access, but left neglected by most of us, in our busy, busy western lifestyles.

What does Reiki mean?

Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning “universal” – REI – “energy” KI. It has close affinity with the Chinese concept of CHI – which also means “energy” or “vitality”.  Reiki, Acupuncture and T’ai Chi and Chi Kung all tap into the same thing:  the channels of life which course through us all, from cradle to grave, but which, when blocked, can cause distress and disease. Reiki  is just one way to help release those blocks.

History and principles

Although based on ancient and well-practised precepts of hands-on healing, modern Reiki arose at the turn of the twentieth century, via a Japanese seeker  and healer called Mikao Usui. Much mystery surrounds him, but it is clear that he was a remarkable man, who dedicated himself to promoting the health and well being of others. Influenced by Eastern healing techniques and buddhist meditative practises, he took himself on a 21 day retreat on Mount Kuryama in Japan, some time in the 1920s. When he came down from the mountain, he began to apply the insights he had gained, in a hands-on practise which came to be known as Reiki. He trained Chujiro Hayashi as his successor – who in turn “attuned” many practitioners, and introduced the standard hand positions and levels of initiation and training still used today. Reiki was first brought to the West by a Japanese woman, Hawayo Takata, who lived in Hawaii, but spent a year in Tokyo at Usui’s clinic, recovering from cancer. She then trained as a formidable Reiki master. It has grown in popularity in the West since the 1970s – although still puzzles many, as to its provenance and uses.

What does Reiki do?

Sometimes extravagant claims are made for Reiki. I am wary of such hyperbole. And there is no need for it. The beauty of Reiki lies in its simplicity. Certainly Reiki in Leeds, in my quiet and meditative room, pictured above, aims to be a straightforward, calm, relaxed experience. Warm hands are held in stillness, on and around various places in the body -through clothes – to sense and clear energetic blocks, to re-align and uplift both the physical and mental self. The treatment is usually done lying down, but can be offered from sitting too, if that is preferred. People generally feel serene and settled at the end of a session – and then, when the Reiki has done its work, a surge of energy can follow. It is different every time, and for every person. Reiki works beautifully alongside any standard medical protocol, and alongside other complementary therapies too. It does not compete or shout. It is a quiet friend!

A personal approach

I bring my own particular experience to this practise –  many years of T’ai Chi, of dance, of dance therapy, and of studying the Alexander Technique –  which has “seasoned” my hands, and the psycho-physical understanding of what I do. It is delightful to add another layer of contemplative work to the movement and meditation that has been such an integral part of my professional and personal life.

T’ai Chi and Reiki in Leeds are perfect partners. Whilst  T’ai Chi uses a sequence of movements and breath, releasing a free flow of energy in a constant quiet stream, Reiki  is received whilst sitting/lying still – and the stream of movement here, comes through the practitioner’s hands. A marriage made in heaven!

from ‘Reiki Fire’ by Frank Arjava Petter:

“When asked by a disciple ‘What is abundance?’ I heard my master Osho reply: ‘Abundance is when everything is perfect as it is’.”

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