Breathing Space Classes with Barney: T’ai Chi and Chi Kung

Please find a list of autumn 2021 group classes below. These are a mix of Zoom and in-person classes . I also offer SOLO Zoom and face to face sessions in both T’ai Chi/Chi Kung and in Reiki. Be in touch with me to make an appointment. And take a look at my Reiki Page too. If you want to know more about my background and approach to movement, there is a potted biography on my Dancing Feet page.

If you would like to join my mailing list for regular updates on all my classes, please contact me via the email address below. All bookings and enquiries to:

07400 396231

“You can make a step and touch the earth in such a way that you establish yourself in the here and now. You don’t need to make any effort at all… And suddenly you are free – from all projects, all worries, all expectations. You are fully present, fully alive, and you are touching the earth.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)


These gentle, flowing, uplifting classes, with a combination of sitting breath work and standing Chi Kung exercises, are suitable for all. I am currently running them in blocks of 3 per month.

Tuesday 6.30 – 7pm. £7 per single class/£18 per monthly block of three. 7, 14, 21 September 2021; 12, 19, 26 October 2021


These classes use a more dynamic mix of Chi Kung based movements, to wake you up for the day.

Thursday 9.30 – 10 am. £7 per single class/£18 per monthly block of three. 9, 16, 23 September 2021; 14, 21, 28 October 2021.


DANCE STUDIO LEEDS Mabgate Mills, Leeds LS9 7DZ

These sessions combine exercises from Chi Kung and T’ai Chi into gentle sequences of movement, sometimes set to music, designed to encourage uplift and flow, as well as steadiness and calm. Working from chairs and from standing, suitable for all, but if you have problems moving freely, please let me know before joining. The places are limited and must be booked in advance with me, via email/phone contact above. (Subject to current Covid precautions. Check with me for details.)

Sunday 26 September, £10. 2 – 3pm. Studio 3.

Sunday 31 October, £10. 2 – 3pm. Studio 3.

Meanwhile… Below the Buddha I am slowly updating links to videos and audios – my own, and others – that might be of interest.


Taoist Breath Meditation

Breathing through the Bones Meditation

T’ai Chi Yang Style, Part One Instructions

T’ai Chi Yang Style, Part Two Instructions (up to Sequence 5)


T’ai Chi Warm Up

T’ai Chi Part One

T’ai Chi Part Two

Chi Kung Warm Up

Spring Chi Kung

Summer Chi Kung


Tara Brach is a lovely meditation teacher, helpful for breath and focus.

Grant Ragsdale has some useful Alexander Technique videos, for posture and poise.

Chi Kung using the Shibashi 18 that I teach, is demonstrated here.

Chi Kung warmups and meditations from Jeffrey Chand here. An accessible online teacher.