Reiki Testimonials

Reiki in Leeds

People who have had no experience of Reiki – who even find the word strange, exotic, incomprehensible – may hesitate to come and experience it for themselves. But that would be a shame, because it is such a gentle and uplifting process (read more deeply about it on my Reiki in Leeds   page). Here are a few comments from people – some of them dealing with life threatening diseases, others coming for respite from challenging and busy lives – who have been to my Reiki Room, and have enjoyed it.

I had the best night’s sleep in years after the first reiki session.” Melanie C.

“I sensed myself trying to keep control at the beginning – and then: surrender! And I was aware of a flow coming through the whole of my body, quietly building.” Jo F.

“I felt floaty, light and peaceful. When your hands are on my head, it’s as if you are telling my thoughts to settle down.” Hilda C.

“I felt very relaxed after the treatment, and remained both relaxed and energetic in the following days.” Maggie E.

During a session I have a feeling of being at peace with myself. The stress evaporates and I am uplifted. Reiki releases all the tension – and allows your body to re-align and settle into balance. After a treatment, I feel immensely calm and in control of myself, which is a feeling I like.” Miriam  L. (See my blog Reiki and the Anxious Mind)

“I felt an energy surge moving down my body as you worked.” Eileen E.

Thanks for the relaxing treatment (following hip replacement surgery.) I feel really good today, just got home from my appointments and I’ve walked over 6,000 steps without the crutch!” Jo A.

I always feel emotionally softer and more receptive afterwards, and also quite profoundly rested. It’s a mysterious process, and, if you’re happy to give yourself up to the pleasures and surprises that may unfold, it’s thoroughly worthwhile.” Peter S. (See Peter’s Reiki review for On: Yorkshire Magazine here)

“My first session was when I didn’t even know I was pregnant, and was about four weeks into the pregnancy, and experiencing first trimester exhaustion. My whole body relaxed so much I felt like I was floating and I became very calm… The second time I came, I was six months pregnant and the session was the respite my body needed – giving me the space I needed to re-connect with myself, and with my baby… Barney is everything you’d want from a Reiki practitioner – wise, non judgemental, calming to be around, and very kind.” Fran W. (See my blog ‘Baby, Baby, Baby’, on Reiki in pregnancy)

At a follow up session with a somewhat sleep-deprived Fran – this time with her four month baby enjoying the treatment too – she said: “I feel a different person this evening and have so much space and strength in my relaxed mind.”